The Best Place to Read

The Best Place to Read

 Where is the best place to read?

I’ve been on a Nancy Springer kick lately, reading the Enola Holmes series and the
Rowan Hood series.

Where is the best place to read?

The other day Carpe Librum was set up at a vintage show and I was headed to the break room when I saw the young man in charge of the exit reading. He was more than halfway through his novel and had another one on the table, which sparked so many questions for me: What are you reading? Are they a series? Did you already finish the other one, or is it your “just in case” book? I did not ask any of those questions, though, because he was so engrossed in his book I didn’t have the heart to drag him out of it (I figured that would happen soon enough when he started helping customers).

I remember working retail jobs when I kept a book in my purse for any break, packing too many books for every vacation, even carrying a book with me on a hike in case I found a nice quiet spot. So, what is the best place to read?

It’s hard to deny the appeal of vacation reading. Whether it’s stretched out on a beach with your feet in the sand or curled up by a fireplace in a cozy cabin, having a few days to ignore the world and just read always feels absolutely amazing.

Personally, I’m a big fan of eating and reading. I feel like cereal boxes can be blamed for this habit! As a kid, when I was bored with the back of the box I’d turn it around and read the ingredients list. Later, as a single adult, I took books with me any time I ate at a restaurant. Robert and I still read at restaurants, actually. About twice a month, we’ll grab whatever we’re reading and find a place that’s not too busy for us to linger a little longer over our books and meal.

If I’m carrying my purse with me and get stuck in a grocery store line, out comes the book. If I’m traveling (plane, train, or bus, not driving), you will definitely find me reading. I used to try to get to places or events early so that I could sit in the car and read! One of my favorite places to take my book on my day off is the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. I like to grab a shady picnic table and listen to the bustle of animals and visiting families while I read.

I do most of my reading these days after I lay down at night. It feels so peaceful to wind down with my fluffy blankets and my tiny booklight and an adventure story or a cozy mystery. At least, it’s peaceful when Robert’s reading, too—if he’s twitchy and trying to sleep, even my little booklight is too much light for him! [This situation actually led to the creation of my best selling shirt design and a handful of funny stories…]

I think that the reality is, there isn’t a bad place to read (except behind the wheel of a car or while operating other heavy machinery). You can hide away from the world with your books, or you can read in public. You can read in your free time, or you can read to fill the little moments of time throughout your day. You can read for entertainment or for information. There isn’t a bad place to read, but the best place to read… the best place to read is the place where reading is what brings you peace. In the midst of life’s chaos, what place does reading help you the most?

Be awesome. Read Books.


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