On the Move

On the Move

On the Move

The yard sale is done. The stuff is sorted. The new drivers’ licenses are here, along with the new vehicle registrations and the new voter cards and all the other ephemera that has to be changed, shifted, or renewed when a family moves.

And, boy, has our family moved.

Seven weeks ago Robert and I bought a camper. In the last two months we have reduced our day-to-day lives and the constant production of Carpe Librum to what can fit in the truck and the travel trailer. I’m really proud of myself! That’s a lot of stuff to let go of, and a lot to be okay with not having at your fingertips. I come from a family of farm girls where you save everything because you might need it someday... and on a farm there’s room to do that! In a camper, not so much.

Last week, we pulled up stakes and hit the road. We spent a few days at a campground in Louisiana working out the kinks and decompressing from the move and the yard sale and the frenzy of it all. I finished three books! And started two more. And then we took off again, to get to our first show of the season—welcome to Florida!

I don’t know how to tell you how blessed I feel. I work hard to make Carpe Librum something magical that engages people in the world of books, but the fact that I get to do this for a living has always blown my mind. And now my husband has decided that he wants to come along for the ride, and I have my family with me on the road—even the cat! I grew up reading stories about pioneers loading everything into a wagon and heading out for a new life, but I never dreamed that I could have that kind of adventure... Now I get to have the adventure AND the indoor plumbing. AND my cat.

I don’t know how life could be better than this. Not for me. I am pop-eyed with wonder at how blessed I am.

Also, if you want a book recommendation, I picked up Wrecked by Carol Higgins Clark for some vacation reading. I wasn’t really on vacation, but I gave myself permission to read it all in one day and it made me feel like I was vacation reading! It’s a mystery from Clark’s “Regan Reilly” series, and it stays really light on its feet. It was a great escape for a rainy day.

Be safe. Wash your hands. Read a book.

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